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For the resident community, all people living in Hayburn Crescent and 93 - 97 Turnberry Road, adjacent to Hayburn Lane in Partickhill, Glasgow.

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Hayburn Lane Info

Latest update is that the council will reject the planning application due to it's proximity to a wildlife corridor.

Writing objection to the planning application.

Sample letters of objections

These are written by residents in the Crescent and are or will be submitted to the council for this planning application.


Material Considerations.
Matters to be taken into account in determining planning applications
(pdf file)

Information leaflet from Planning Aid Scotland on what will be considered when the decicion is taken to approve or refuse planning permission.

Planning application has now been validated with planning ref no: 0900575DC

The planning officer appointed is Andy Dale. His contact details are:
Phone: 0141 2878555,

Some residents have not received written notification. Planning are very keen to be advised of anyone not receiving a neighbour notification, especially if they own a section of the lane. (You can find that information in your title deeds on the map.) This could invalidate the whole application. If you know of anyone who has not received a letter, they please advise the planning oficer ASAP.

Planning application for the railwayenbankment

The planning application is now available to view at Development and Regeneration Services, 229 George Street, Glasgow. Phone: 0141 2878555

You can download some photgraphs of the plans in a zip file:
Planning proposal for Hayburn Lane; photos of drawings (1.28MB very large file).

There has not yet been any planning officer assigned to the application.

28/11/08 Article in Evening Times Online

There is an article about the possible planning proposal for Hayburn Lane at the Evening Times Community Website for Partick:

Concerns continue over building plans on Hayburn Lane

According to the article he developers are planning to launch their application within 2-3 weeks.

Evening Times Community Website


Hayburn Lane Update: Planning application not submitted, yet, by Imagine Projects.

The proposed development consisting of 12 mews houses will cover the whole area of the land between Hayburn Lane and the railway fence. This means that all trees, shrubs and greenery on that plot will disappear. The proposed dwellings will have no gardens, but each will have a courtyard, a terrace and a double garage with access from the lane. The plans show a turning point behind no 2 Hayburn Crescent for vehicles and the lane widened to 6m width.

A meeting with the developers took place last week and the plans outlined above were presented. With three representatives from Hayburn Crescent and one from Friends of Glasgow West Conservation Area present, the purpose was to find out as much as possible at this stage, and to inform about the strong opinion against the development that have been expressed so far, by people in the community.

Concerns we raised were in short:

This is by no means all objections that can be raised but a few. The meeting ended with the information that Imagine Projects will hold back a few weeks before they submit the application. We have later learned that the developer has had a pre-planning meeting with the council and there were issues raised then as well.

We don’t have a new date, yet, for when the planning application will be submitted!

In the meantime:

Keep on spreading information about the survey and fill it in, if you haven't done so yet!

Responses to the survey will be submitted to the council as part of Haycra’s representation regarding the planning application and only the council will get your contact details, if you so wish. They need them to be able to respond to your views regarding the planning proposal, otherwise your say will not count. Paper copies can be picked up from Eva Bolander, at 4a Hayburn Crescent and Moira McDade at 7 Hayburn Crescent.

When the planning application is submitted will we have at the most 3 weeks before a decision is made.

Yahoo Group started for email newsletters and other information. Subscribe by submitting your email in the top right corner.

A new email notification and communication group is started on Yahoo. This will be the main email list for HayCRA. Please sign up using the form in the top right corner. There is also a Calender attached where meetings and other events will be registred.

Online Hayburn Lane Survey.

Please complete the survey ASAP!

We are now initially collecting people's opinions regarding the proposed development. Your views will be forwarded to the council and they will be part of our representation to the council. The higher number of responses, the more weight will it carry.

Hayburn Lane Planning Proposal. (Updated 17/9/08)

A letter from a property developer regarding Hayburn Lane has been distributed the last few days and they will submit a planning application for twelve mews houses by the the end of the month. After the planning proposal formally has been submitted to the council, we will have either 14 or 21 days to make representation to the council i. e. to submit our comments to the planning application.

Letter from Imagine Projects Ltd, 12 Sept 2008 ( pdf file).

It is HayCRA's stand that any building activities in the lane will substantially change the ameniety of the area, when it comes to green space, wildlife, privacy and access through the back lane. We will work together with other groups with interest in the area, such as Friends of Dyce Park, and Hayburn Action Group, to make representation on the planning application, but we can not make this formally until it has been submitted and we have seen the application.

It is important that as many as possible make their views countable in this planning decision!!! And we will not have much time after the proposal has been submitted.

Representation on planning applications can be by made by members of the public, formal bodies and associations. Glasgow City Council have a fact sheet 'Have your Say' which you can download here in pdf format:

Have your Say. Advice on how to make comments on a planning application (pdf file).

Can you help?

Have you got experience in planning procedures? Are you familiar med the Glasgow City Plan? Can you help with distributing/collecting letters and information? Do you have the right contacts?

We will need help with making representation against this planning application, and all hands are welcome! Please contact HayCRA on phone 0141 5868725 (Eva Bolander) or 0141 5767007 (Moira McDade).

Action plan

We will have an initial taskforce meeting this week and subsequently distribute information in the closes. If you have expertise knowledge, please get in touch with Eva Bolander, asap.

5/4/08 Hayburn Lane Clean Up will take place 20/4 11am - 14pm.

Come and help to get the back lane and the railway embankment tidied up. We will remove litter, dumped items and try to get the lane looking it's best. We have gloves and bags for all. Come, bring some helping hands and find out what's happening with the back lane.

3/4/08 Discussion Board/Forum started. To Discussion Board/Forum.

//Replaced with the Yahoo group/ email list.

You can read the posts without being registered. If you register you can also submit information, ask questions, reply and start topics yourself. You can also choose to get the posts and digests emailed to you.

28/3/08 Web site just started and more information will follow.

Updated 21/9/08